Terms & Conditions:


Our quotations are estimations and subject to vary depending on the final weight, dimensions and value of the items upon arrival.
• Shipping from the USA is based on Real Weight as long as the box combined Sum of length + height + width is less than 200 cm.
• Shipping from Europe is based on weight of volume, whichever is greater: (Length x Width x Height ) / 5000.
• Transit time: Approximately 3 weeks. We have Express shipping, upon request.
• Local Delivery to be defined upon arrival unless already quoted.
• iShip is not liable for Fraud websites, Foreign Taxes, Shipping and Handling applied by international shops. These charges are usually added upon Checkout (payment) from store.
• Our rates do not include: returns & refunds, storage fees, over weights and oversized items, labor & penalties, official permits, customs inspection, analysis or customs delays, unless otherwise stated.
• Packing and Palletizing subject to extra service fees
 Insurance covers the products value and or repair cost, it does not cover the shipping and taxes.
• In case of cancelation, the Purchasing fees are non-refundable.
• Maximum weight per piece under air freight : 30 kg. Above 30 kg, packages need to be separated in 2 pieces.
• Customs Clearance and tax receipts made in our company name and, unless you ask us to clear in your name, in which case we provide you original declaration and receipts. 

• Ship for Me service means: you shop directly on Amazon/any website using your own credit card, by entering our Shipping Address in this website. iShip will then take care of the shipping to Lebanon.
• Buy for Me service: we do the entire process from A to Z, we buy and we ship.
• Standard shipping & Economy shipping are both insured with an excellent service, the difference is the time and budget, depending on your needs.
• We shop & ship from the US, UK, China, Germany and Turkey.
• We ship cargo starting 50 kg up to no limit from any country of the world (air & sea).

Our Payment Terms:
Payment of the goods in advance, payment of shipping and taxes upon arrival. We accept:
• OMT transfer to 4069 6911 0136 5928, Telephone 03/565888.
• Cash in our Office.
• Visa / Mastercard
• Amazon Gift Cards
• Paypal & Payoneer

- We charge on weigh or volume, which ever is greater, based on below formula
- Subject to dimensional weight, based on formula = Length X Width X height /Divided by 5000
- Max weight per piece is 30kg, above 30 kg, need to split into multiple pieces
- Packages over 100 cm have an oversize fees of USD 90
- Payment in advance before departure in cash dollar or equivalent LBP at market rate
- Prices valid 3 weeks from date of quotation, subject to final confirmation at time of booking
- Items must be well packed and protected, ready for transport, otherwise extra packing charges will occur
- Strong box should be used, do not send items in bags or weak packages.
- To book a shipment, we need Item(s) Details, Quantities, Value, Country of Manufacture, Picture, Dimension of the box, Weight of the box
- Certain destinations have fumigation requirements for wooden packaging, to be confirmed at time of booking and possible extra charge
- Service does not include destination Taxes and Customs Duties
- Prices subject to vary after departure based on final weight and dimensions taken by the carrier (airplane)
- Optional Added Service: packing, wrapping, labeling , insurance
- Insurance: at 4% of items value (minimum insurance cost of $20 for items value below 500, and minimum insurance cost of 40$ for items value above 500)
- Additional Fees occur when shipping Flammables, Liquids, Batteries, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Foodstuff: subject to acceptance
- Residential Delivery = additional 10$ fee
- Direct Signature Required (POD) = additional 10$ fee
- When products value is above 800$, an official invoice is required from the sender

Do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries, we are glad to assist you.

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