Why Choose Amazon?

Amazon USA has grown into controvertibly one of the world's most potent retail entities, offering just about anything you could require or want. Whether you're tackling home improvement projects, revamping your wardrobe, purchasing gifts, starting a new hobby, probing for books for classes, or just about anything else, the insuperable Amazon USA cull has you covered. Fret no more, when you have iShip package forwarding service with you! You can now shop like an American and really save money for your Amazon purchases.

Amazon USA is more than just an online retailer; it's a potent implement which enables individuals to achieve more than they ever dreamed of. Not only is the selection and variety at Amazon USA peerless, but the prices are even preponderant. Users can purchase from the Amazon USA warehouse, or they can purchase from Private Amazon USA sellers. This variety enables individuals to find the most cautious, most competitive prices by shopping around until they are consummately slaked. Users can purchase digital products such as e-books, apps and more!

For a quote: Send us by mail the link(s) of your items to sales@iship.me

Go to Amazon.com


Three Easy Steps when iShip "Buys for You":

1/ Go to Amazon website preferably using Chome
2/ Select the product(s) you like and copy the URL (link). Example: http://www.amazon.com/product/11026dsdsggg...
3/ To order: submit a Buy for Me Request from your account with all the links to products we have to buy

You will then choose the payment methord (Cash, credit card, wire or western union). 15  days later, we will deliver to your doorstep!

Or Shop yourself at Amazon using your credit card, using our "Ship for Me Service", in that case:

1/ Get your iShip Address after Signing up, it will look like:
     Your iShip address

2/ Then, Go to Amazon, Select your products -> Add to Cart ->  Proceed to Check Out  -> then enter your above iShip address in the Amazon's Shipping Delivery Address, it will look like this:
     Your address on amazon

3/ Submit a Ship for Me declaration on iShip website with the details of your order. Sometimes, the Customs Authorities will require a proof of your order from Amazon, to be uploaded or sent to iShip by email, it will look like:

    amazon order details

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