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How do I fill a Buy for Me form?

Tell us what products you want to purchase

Give us a description, quantity of item desired, product number, and total price including shipping to our warehouse. You can do this by placing your selected items into a shopping cart on your favorite website, go to checkout, enter our shipping address and this will give you the total cost. You will enter all the information in your account

1/  Click on New Orders “Buy For Me Order”

2/ Add the following details:

If you already have an account with Amazon or any site and need us to use your Cart or your coupon, provide us your username and password.

For eBay bids and auctions, submit your username, we will bid, buy and pay for you.

3/ Confirm Your Order

Confirm the details of your orders and proceed to Checkout. You will pay the value of the product to buy, plus our purchasing fee, without the US handling, international shipping and taxes (if any).

You have 24 hours to cancel the order by calling or emailing our purchasing@iship.me

4/ Buy For Me Team purchasing team will start processing your order immediately.

You can track anytime the progress of this purchase and will be able to see how much it cost us to buy, The Buy For Me order total contains the following components:

Item Total - the total amount of the prices of the requested items

Sales Tax - U.S. or European sales tax (if applicable)

Domestic Shipping Cost – the cost of shipping from the seller to our facility in the US and UK

Credit Card Fee - this 5% fee is charged on all Buy For Me orders paid by credit card, 10% fee if paid via PayPal.

Usually, response time for Buy For Me orders are within 24-48 business hours of the time you have submitted your Buy For Me request.

5/ Keep track of it until it is delivered and updated into your account. When shipped, you will be notified via email. Shipping and local taxes are paid upon arrival or upon delivery (COD)