Why Choose Oki-Ni?

oki-ni is a global online destination offering a curated selection of luxury menswear.

Established in 2001, oki-ni initially started as a gallery space and store in London's Savile Row, offering unique collaborative pieces made with adidas, Levi's, Paul Smith and Porter.

Now a part of the Menlook group, oki-ni is now focused solely online, but still retains the same spirit of innovation. Sourcing the most inspiring luxury brands and products available remains a key focus, but as the demands of the retail environment have changed, oki-ni has evolved.

Illuminating the stories behind our incredible products with forward-thinking editorial content from our channels STYLED, MIX SERIES, FEATURES and DAILY, in 2015 we also launched our own in-house publication READ - a unique platform which showcases inspirational content in a lo-fi format.