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About iShip and the Team

iShip was born from professionals in logistics & e-commerce entrepreneurs. It has placed itself as the leading shopping and shipping company in Lebanon.

We have constantly been improving our system and services, which we think  is our strongest advantage.

There is never a day without us changing something to better our Company.



  • Make it easy for customers all over the world to purchase online in the U.S.A., Europe or Asia.
  • Offer fast, reliable, efficient and inexpensive services.

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Meet the Team:
...where we are all equal...

Roy Abouzeid

Owner and Managing Partner

Tony Khoury
Vice Manager

Mohamad-Ali Najjar
Logistics & Support Manager

Wissam Hage
Accounting & Finance

Our Purchasing Service: Easily shop from Ebay, Nike, Walmart and any store that requires a PayPal payment.

With iShip.me, there is no signup fee, no membership fee that might hassle you.

Ready to shop? send us the link of the items you like to buy for a price. )

Not sure where to shop from?Check our Directory for inspirations.

  •  Volumetric Advantage

Both parties will have the unique advantage of billing their customers based on their real weight and not on their volume, as long as the combined sum of    the package length+width+height does not exceed 270 cm.
Many clients complain from competition and courier companies when they are billed on volumetric weight, for example shipping a pillow, teddy bear, guitar or snowboard. With iShip, you gain a huge advantage when we disregard the volume. This will help us increase sales over 40%.

  •  Repackaging and consolidation

Process to eliminate unnecessary weight, saving your client’s billable weight, increasing your sales.

  •  Customs Clearance 
In house experienced customs brokerage and unique online taxes calculator for quoting and invoicing orders: minimizing errors and customs difficulties.

  •  Local Presence:

We are one phone call away for help and support.

  •  Operations

Simple system integration for automatic data sharing through an API connection 7 days per week.
Best-in-class package/shipment progress notification system.

  •  One stop shop

Multiple services in one company: courier, cargo, worldwide shopping, sourcing from China, insurance, inspection.

  •  Trusted Partners:

Our facility in the USA is entrusted to properly handle any package.

  •  Growth & Development

Young and motivated team with guarantees of creating niche services to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

  •  Experience & Know How

Trained personel with years of experience

  •  Long Term Stability

iShip relies on an honest neutral and ethical way of conduct to maintain long term cooperation with its partners.

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Product Sourcing Services

With millions of products being manufactured in China, we can get you connected.

iShip premium service brings you China closest to Lebanon. Exclusively for traders and entrepreneurs, we source and find any product. We even inspect, pay and ship it to your doorstep, saving you the hassle of finding the supplier, travelling or speaking Chinese. At affordable price and with international quality standards.

All verified premium factories.


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