The only company not charging you on Volume, only on real weight

What is Volumetric Weight?

Volumetric Weight, also known as Dimensional weight, is a pricing technique for commercial freight transport, which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package.

Our New Pricing system has finally been adjusted to reduce your concern out of the shipping costs.

The confusing “Dimensional Weight Factors” can mean paying a lot more for shipping than you were quoted, we believe our members deserve estimates they can trust with no surprises on delivery.

We’ve come up with a solution Called RealPrice. What Does “RealPrice” mean?

iShip estimates AND charges its members based on Package Real Weight ONLY for Shipments from the USA. The RealPrice Strategy is only applicable when Shipments with linear dimensions (L+W+H) of less than 80 inches (200 cm) will be charged based on the ACTUAL Real weight versus the dimensional weight.

RealPrice makes it easy to provide customers with guaranteed shipping quotes that will not change due to dimensional weight restrictions.

Oversized shipments (i.e., those exceeding 80 inches 200 cm) or shipments that must be palletized will be billed at the greater of actual or dimensional weight.

Note that the formula to determine the dimensional weight of oversized or palletized shipments is as follows:

[Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches)] / 300


This formula attempts to account for the amount of space an item will take up in an airplane cargo area. That Space is what is determined by the volumetric weight which you are billed on.


Using the RealPrice method no calculations or confusing math is needed.

With other Shippers, the Billable weight varied by carrier’s dimensional factor and Actual Package weight:

Actual Real Weight: 28 lbs.

Dimensional Weight:

            Step 1

Calculate the cubic size 30”x15”x15”=6750 cubic inches.

            Step 2

Calculate the dimensional weight 6750/139= 49lbs.

            Step 3

Determine if dimensional weight (49lbs) is Greater than actual real weight (28lbs)

            Your Final Price would be the Higher of the two weights.

In this Case using the RealPrice system, our members pay what their package actually weighs with no surprises of hidden costs, Iship RealPrice has already saved it’s members a whole lot in their shipping costs!


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