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Purchase Automotive Parts, Clothing, Electronics, Entertainments, Luxury goods, Sporting Equipment, Toys, Games, DVD's and much more.

We will provide you a USA and UAE address and package forwarding service anywhere in the world.

  • Many products are less expensive in the U.S.A. and Europe.
  • Unfortunately some stores do not offer shipping for international customers. We have solved that problem.

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Our Services:

- We buy for you
- We ship for you
- We sell your items as well


- Consolidations

- Unpacking

- Gift Wrapping

Start Shopping and Ship Internationally. We provide reliable international forwarding, but offer you access to sites like eBay, Amazon and major retailers. 1/ Once you have made a purchase, you can have it shipped it to your Lebanese or UAE address.

  1. 1/ Before shipping your goods, we can consolidate your packages to help you save even more.
  2. 2/ When we receive your package, we will notify you via email and our online system. 


How much does it cost ?

Shipping depends on the country, its an average iof 18$ per kg, 2% insurance and lebanese customs taxes depends on the value of products. Contact us for an accurate price.

We guarantee that our shipping rates are the lowest!

We offer special prices for heavy shoppers and big shipments.

We clear your goods at customs without any surprises (in selected countries, taxes are quoted before you even ship)

We offer low cost, normal and express air services.


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For Expats

You have family in Lebanon or the US? Use our shipping services to send your loved ones surprise gifts, documents and packages. 

Various Packages for your all your needs



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