How iShip Lebanon works  

1 - Sign up with iShip and get your FREE U.S. address

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2 - Shop online at your favorite stores and ship them to your new address

3 - When your package arrives to iShip, we take photos of them and store them in our secure facility. You can also request many of our popular services, including:

       a) Detailed photos of the package contents

       b) Combine multiple shipments for even more savings
       c) Add any additional tape, packing materials or other custom requests
repackaging with iship in our warehouses
4 - Select a shipping method, sit back, and relax as your items are shipped to you

Select shipping method with iShip to Lebanon

5 - Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you like. We love getting packages just as much as you do!

Enjoy your packages from iShip

Shipping from the USA

-        Air Freight: Weekly departures and 15 days transit time, shipping price is per kg, starts at $20 / kg and goes down to $11.

-        The higher the weight, the lower the rate.

-        Consolidation services to save on shipping fees.

-        We are the only company NOT to bill on volume, only on real weight, as long as the linear dimensions do not exceed 274 cm

-        Express services in 6 days transit time.

-        Sea Freight & Air Cargo services available for heavy orders above 50Kg.


Shipping from Europe (Germany, UK)

-        Weekly Departures and 10 days transit time.

-        Competitive prices starts at $20 / kg and down to $11.

-        From Europe, we bill on volume using the airline volumetric formula= (length x width x length) / 5000

-        Repacking option to minimize volume and save shipping cost.

-        Sea Freight & Air Cargo service available for heavy orders above 50Kg.

Airport Taxes and Customs

-        For Air Freight: Customs Clearance is based on order value, starts at $3.0 per shipment.

-        Taxes and Duties varies on order value and nature of items, for example, electronics are taxed at 5%, computers at 0%, furniture at 30%.

-        11% VAT is also applied on the order value and duties.

-        Insurance Clause A on our orders starting $5.0 or 2% of order value.


Container Shipping from Turkey

-        Weekly departures and 15 days transit time, shipping price is per kg, starts at $20 / kg and goes down to $8 (inclusive of customs and taxes).

-        The higher the weight, the lower the rate.

-        All kinds of furniture from Ikea, Vivense, and many more



China Sourcing

-        We ship anything with a minimum weight of 50kg.

-        Sourcing agents connecting you to Chinese factories and suppliers.

-        We can source and purchase any type of commodity.

-        Buy from China as if you are in China, no need to travel or speak Chinese. We will find the product you like, send you a sample to view it, then purchase the quantity needed.

-        Inspection services to check and verify your orders.



Additional services:

-        Buy for Me Service: Payment solutions, we purchase on your behalf using our PayPal and credit cards. For products, licenses or e-commerce: Fees based on currency and value, starts at 5%.

-        Personal Shopper Service: we search the web for the product you like. If you don’t know where to find it, we will look for it and find best ways to get it for you.

-        Cargo Services: iShip is part of the Cargomaster Group, freight forwarders, pioneers in sea freight and airfreight services around the world.



Advantages of team iShip:

-        The only company in Lebanon giving you full pricing, including taxes upon arrival, before you even shop. No tricks, no surprises.

-        Personal Relationship: We treat you as a person, not as a number.

-        Trained team of professionals.

-        We have the patience to answer all your questions.



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