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The 'Buy For Me' team will purchase your requested product(s) from U.S. and European retailers for you.

  • No Credit Card needed
  • Paypal account available
  • Online shipment tracking
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Once you have signed up, we assign you a unique shipping address:

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Latest deals


    Price : $265
  • Vr HeadSet

    3D Virtual Reality Headset VR Box

    Vr HeadSet

    Was : $50
    Now : $39.99
  • JBL Pulse 2

    Portable Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Pulse 2

    Was : $270
    Now : $235
  • Magnet Shoe Tie

    Magnetic Shoe Closure

    Magnet Shoe Tie

    Was : $40
    Now : $25
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    You are amazing guys,thanks so much. I was so glad That i received all the party supplies in time!!! Your very attentive service and swift replies are much appreciated. Im Very happy with your service and i will use you again and again and again and again

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    A dream come true company.

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    09 September
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    10 August
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    16 June
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